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How Can Anyone LIKE Paper?

While interviewing a recent potential client, I asked the business owner if they’d like to hear how I can rescue them from the mounds of paper in their office and save them from ever having to keep a receipt again – their response? “But I LIKE paper!”
On my journey helping business owners, the number one problem is document management: keeping track of every last expense, every invoice, bank statements, check stubs, deposit slips, bills, and the dreaded credit card receipts – and the list goes on with articles of incorporation, tax filings, employee records, asset documents, etc. Who on Earth knows how long to keep each piece of paper, where to keep each piece of paper, do you really NEED to keep that piece of paper? The short answer is yes, you need to keep it all. But WHERE? Traditional filing cabinets are good but take up lots of space and look clunky. This is the 21st century, we have smart phones and electric cars, haven’t we figured out a better way to keep track of paper? Yes, yes we have!
Digital copies are your solution, and app developers are meeting the demand for better control, organization, and security. So jump into the future and try some of the awesome apps on the market that can help you get organized and get rid of your need to keep so much paper. Not only will your office experience a good decluttering, but you’ll be saving a few trees as well.

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