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Mile IQ

As a tax preparer, I see many clients missing hundreds of dollars in deductions because they either didn’t know they could deduct their business mileage, or they didn’t know how. As a consultant I hear many excuses: either you’re too busy, you didn’t know how, you had it on a piece of paper then lost it (see blog on paper here ), or technology is just too confusing. Available for Android and Apple, accessible from desktop, laptop, or tablet, auto track or manual entry, easily shared, Mile IQ is one of my most recommended apps to clients, and here’s whyScreenshot_20190501-135337_MileIQ

On a limited budget? Mile IQ has a free plan, as well as some paid options. Too busy to remember to log miles? Mile IQ will log them for you automatically. Forgot a trip? Enter it manually. Not tech savvy? The interface is simple and easy. Need to share your mileage? Instantly e-mail the report to yourself from your mobile device and get detailed instructions on how to open it and change it if you need to, or use the desktop log-in for even more options.Screenshot_20190501-143515_Gmail
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